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Think About It...

Thinking is a funny thing. We do it all the time and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to turn my brain off every so often for a little respite. But there is a difference between thinking and worrying. The kind of annoying brain burble that chunters on relentlessly doesn’t really count as thinking. It can almost always be categorised as fretting, worrying, obsessing or just plain mental bitching. Last week was hideous for me. I had one of those weeks when nothing I touched seemed to go right. In actual fact, I was quite concerned that my bad karma might rub off on those around me, so strongly did it seem to come off me in waves. My car broke down not once, but twice, with entirely unrelated

Random Acts of Kindness (without leaving your desk)

It being Random Acts of Kindness Day, I’ve been pondering this. I love the idea of random acts of kindness and also the idea of paying it forward. However, remembering to do either can be a real challenge! It’s very hard to bring these things front of mind and unless a blatant opportunity is thrust in front of your nose, you might start the day with excellent intentions and end having not done anything. It’s easy when someone in front of you on the tube has a buggy to help carry up the stairs. Or when someone is in the car park looking despondently at their non-existent change it’s a no brainer to offer a quid. But actively seeking opportunities is harder. I think this is particularly tr


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