I really don’t like this time of year. That isn’t helped by the fact that it is currently pissing down and freezing, in August. Vastly more offensive than the same weather in really any other month of the year.

But it’s too quiet. My (12 ish) inboxes are empty. The only thing blowing through Slack is tumbleweed. And I put that there...

And this is BAD for my productivity.

In theory, when it’s a bit quieter, one should be able to get done a whole pile of things that normal levels of client work render tricky – extra blogs in the back pocket, some concerted efforts on LinkedIn, designing some fun memes, filing stuff.

In reality, the only vaguely useful thing tackled outside client work is my annual AML review which took about 90 minutes and a particularly tedious AML webinar from HMRC. I more or less remained conscious through the webinar despite the presenter’s attempts to lull me into a doze with a monotone drone clearly not designed to be used anywhere other than sleep hypnosis centre.

And that. Is. it.

My patio remains un-cemented

My floors remain un-varnished

My memes remain un-memed

I have so far though, spent at least 5 hours looking for a new planner to make me more productive. I’ll repeat that so the glaring irony of it truly sinks in. I have spent FIVE HOURS looking for a planner to make me more productive. Yup. The planners I use at the moment are now obscenely expensive and I can’t justify the cost. Of course, had I spent those 5 hours designing my own planner in a plain notebook that cost a few quid I would be richer in many ways. Let’s not go there.

So roll on September when clients are throwing work at me left right and centre. I feel that only then will I actually be at all useful… (Oh, and when my new planner arrives. Obvs)