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A day in the life

What people often say to me is “but what do you actually DO?” And I often find myself bumbling on, attempting to list they types of things I’ve done in a day and make it sound vaguely sensible. Like I have a proper job, which of course, I kind of do. Some days anyway. So I am picking today, at random and going to list all the stuff I’ve done. Phew. So, here we go. 6.30 I’m up with a tea and glancing at email. I planned my week yesterday so I know what’s coming up and what I need to get done. Quick brekkie and I'm off out. 8.00 I take the dogs out briefly 9.30 I do a Pilates class. Yes, 9.30 on a Monday. Why the hell not, I'm my own boss. I'm quite hormonal and did think I was going cra


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