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Freelancing for women, an actual serious blog

There’s been lots in the news lately about the gender pay gap in corporates and inequality in the sexes that still continues to this day. Despite us getting the vote nearly a hundred years ago now. But what role does gender play for us freelancers? If you’d have asked me a year ago, I’d probably have said none. Working for yourself is extremely empowering and allows women to take more control of their destiny than many employed roles do. Part time roles are hard to find around school hours and are frequently in lower-paying roles. There is the odd thing that gets on my wick as a feminist *– female only networking, mum-only networking – why? What possible difference can my reproductive organs

Sunny Freelancing!

Sometimes it is really easy to focus on the negatives of running your own business. Having to chase clients for money, wild rollercoasters of not enough work / too much work and constantly marketing and networking to keep your pipeline looking plump. It can feel all too much frankly. And then the sun shines! It is at this moment that all freelancers over the country stick a metaphorical tongue out to all their friends in “proper jobs”. “Ha ha, suckers! Look at you in your sweaty suit, in your stuffy office then dying the death of the BO armpit on the Central Line. Ha!”. For smug freelancers, Instagram is full of “working in the garden” photos. Laptops on blankets, laptops on patios, laptops


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