A day in the life

What people often say to me is “but what do you actually DO?” And I often find myself bumbling on, attempting to list they types of things I’ve done in a day and make it sound vaguely sensible. Like I have a proper job, which of course, I kind of do. Some days anyway. So I am picking today, at random and going to list all the stuff I’ve done. Phew. So, here we go. 6.30 I’m up with a tea and glancing at email. I planned my week yesterday so I know what’s coming up and what I need to get done. Quick brekkie and I'm off out. 8.00 I take the dogs out briefly

9.30 I do a Pilates class. Yes, 9.30 on a Monday. Why the hell not, I'm my own boss. I'm quite hormonal and did think I was going crazy when I heard the phrase "shine your breastbone" and that was actually meant to mean something to me. WTF? Shine it? What with Pledge? This is not what I signed up for. She meant "tilt backwards". Why the buggery bollocks she couldn't have said "tilt backwards" I do not know.

11.00 I am back at my desk and do some actual work

11.01 - a client is currently working away in Bermuda, he needs his expenses logging so we can invoice the client ASAP. Then there are a few queries for him from other people about meetings.

11.20 Next client. I need to confirm an interview, chase up an offer letter that the candidate hasn't replied to, check for new applicants and research a few bits.

11.40 Client 3. I manage 2 inboxes of invoices that all need adding to Xero so 40 minutes of head down data entry.

12.20 Shove some lunch down, shower and change to head out into the real world. This involves both clothes and make up which is rather a shock to the system.

13.30 Drive to client site dumping dogs en route. Happily I allowed an hour for a 35 minute journey as I got utterly lost in an industrial estate and nearly ended up in a Biffa bin Depot with lots of men in hi vis. This I think is the low point of the day, nearly, but not quite as mortifying as getting stuck in the police car park the other week at EleVAte. I only went in to turn round and then realised I was stuck. Kindly (Pissing themselves) coppers assisted my reversing efforts. Sometimes I hate my stupid big long ugly practical dog friendly car and look longingly at little Fiat 100's and minis.

14.30 Kick off meeting with a client (4). I don't very often do this in person but I am working for a team so it's good to clap eyes on them and the other people in the business so they know who the hell I am when I start emailing! Got contract signed.

16.00 Drive home via mates to collect dogs

17.15 Dump laptop, file signed contract, greet air bnb person head out for appointment

18.20 MRI. Really bloody lovely to lie still for 20 minutes with some music and banned from moving at all. I really should spend more time just listening to music, I forget how nice it is to just do that on it's own.

19.00 head home

19.30 Eat soup. Talk to air bnber. Feed dogs.

20.00 Catch up on emails and Facebook VA gossip

20.30 Client 5 Set up Mailchimp for tomorrow

20.45 Client 2 I confirm my visit tomorrow (she never looks at her emails until 10.00!) and pick up a "thanks but no thanks" on the job offer and a few more applicants on Indeed. Have a mini internal tantrum at the ineptitude of people and public sector people in general after a notification of a non-attending person EIGHT HOURS after their anticipated arrival time on site.

20.55 Realise I need to invoice new client (4) as promised and that he hasn't sent me the log ins he was doing during the meeting earlier. Contemplate a wine.

21.00 Realised I also promised a price to someone for some books which means getting out the scales and weighing them to work our delivery costs. I only have kitchen scales for weighing out pitiful amounts of cottage cheese so this takes some doing.

21.20 Decided enough is enough and I should go and watch some brainless TV before bed.

It's not a standard day. Not by any means but is there any such thing? And I only billed 3.5 hours.

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