Theatrical Sigh

I just did one. A big one. I am confused.

I have been working like a loon. Last week I billed loads of hours and ended the week with a fair chunk of work to start this week with. 2 days later, I apparently have nothing to do...

How does this happen? I Plan, I plot, I colour in planners and chunk time in my calendar.

I can only surmise that the difference between last Thursday when I felt like I might never get to the end of my list and today is clients. I am waiting for clients. So I know that at more or less any moment, I am going to go from slightly perplexed and a bit wafty to total and complete meltdown. Because I am waiting for 3 things from 3 different clients and I will put money on them all arriving at the same time with associated hours of work.

What is really even weirder is that I am constantly nagging ,myself to tackle MY to dos rather than my client's. I am suddenly quiet and can I even think of one thing to do? One? Nope. I've paid my tax (grr), I've put some washing on, the dogs have been out and the beds are made. I haven't actually gone as far as looking my work-related list (in large part because the letters GDPR are in there in big letters) to see what I could and should be doing. Why would you?

So I am going to make a tea. Seems like a plan!